Recovery Reassurance, We Are Here for You

Recovery times vary depending on the type of surgery. For a facelift, a patient will experience bruising on the face for 2-3 weeks, typically starting to look and feel normal around week 4. Mommy Makeover’s tend to be more hidden, but require more of a physical downtime. Patients are very limited in regards to physical activity for the first two weeks. Patients often return to work at about three weeks post-op, unless they have a physically demanding job. It typically takes about a month to return to full physical activity, such as going to the gym. After surgery, patients generally will need some help at home for a few days.

The post-operative experience can vary from patient to patient, due to various factors, including differences in overall health or other medical conditions.

To achieve the best results for all surgeries, we recommend you be at a steady baseline weight. A good diet and avoidance of smoking are also important for optimal results and a smooth post-op course. Smoking can be especially dangerous, leading to serious complications during the healing process. If there is a complication for any reason our practice always has a surgeon on call to respond to a concern or issue.

We do follow ups regularly after surgery to make sure everything is healing properly. The schedule for this will vary depending on the surgery, but typically will involve a clinic visit within the first few days after surgery, another visit or two over the ensuing weeks, then a follow-up after everything has healed, usually about 6 months out, to assess the results.

Scarring is to be expected after an operation, but we do our absolute best to keep it minimal. This means placing the incisions in places that are inconspicuous, and using optimal techniques to achieve the best quality scar. The final result of scarring will depend on other factors as well, some of which we cannot control, such as each patient’s genetic makeup.

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