Recap: Mission to Make a Difference

We recently returned from our trip to Peru where we performed cleft lip and palate surgeries for kids. We were able to perform around 50 surgeries while we were there. We had a great team of hardworking people. We are all local back home and some may even be competitors, but we come together to really make a difference.

I’ve been doing this trip for many years, almost 20 to be exact, traveling every other year to do what I can along with this team to change the lives of these kids. These trips are full of meaning, and we are so lucky to have jobs that allow to us to do this.

While we are there, we come together as a team and all pitch in to accomplish some big things. Where we travel is to a city in the mountains of Peru called Arequipa. Not many kids in Peru have access to this type of surgery and the surgical care they need for cleft lips and palates. Most of the equipment we need is already there, and any other equipment or supplies we may need we ship ahead of time. We have some great local Peruvians who help us make sure it gets to where it needs to be.

Dr. Frank Pilney, who originally started this mission, is now in his 80’s. He still comes down to be witness to his legacy. When we are there, we are busy, but that is why we do it. It is long days, one surgery after another. We get as many done as we can to make these kids lives better. It truly is a special and rewarding experience.

You can read more about our efforts and past trips here.

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